The Process

Finest Insurance Adjuster in Atlanta, GA

If you have requested our assistance, here is a quick rundown of what you can expect from the entire process:

• Inspection: Preparation is key to success. Thus, we will have to perform a thorough evaluation of your case to have a complete grasp of what we are dealing with. This includes the inspection of all your loss and damage.
• Review: We will also review all your records and policy in full for further understanding.
• Advice and Offer Options: Once all the assessment is finished, we will then advise you on the entitlements owed and then provide options for you to have the most favorable outcome.
• Negotiate: Once we have planned it all out, we will then negotiate on your behalf using advanced expertise to prove that you are owed more than the minimal amount, or that your claim is in fact owed to be paid when it was previously declared not-covered.

This is the regular flow that we follow in each case that we take care of. To give you a peace of mind, we also consult with a team of professionals in the process, who assist us as well in getting our clients everything that they are supposed to get from their insurance company. Rest assured that we will not stop until we have come up with the very best for you.

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